Responsible Travel

Not only do we want to make our customers happy with the most amazing adventures. We also think it’s important to promote the right kind of travel and make sure everyone benefits.

That means Airguides wants to be good to our travellers and storytellers, but also to the tourism businesses we partner with - the accommodation, activity and transport operators - and to local communities. These are the destinations we as travellers visit and who might get affected by tourism the most.

That’s why we have guidelines for operating trips ‘responsibly’ and only work with storytellers and tourism businesses who share our values around responsible tourism. 

Responsible travel is part of Airguides’ core mission and reflects in everything we do. Our team is constantly learning and always looking for ways to improve our company and do better.

Operating Airguides trips ‘responsibly’

Responsible tourism is part of our core mission at Airguides. It reflects in everything we do.
- Paul, Bibi (founders)

We aim to:

  1. Respect destinations and cultures
  2. Support local people and economies
  3. Preserve the environment
  4. Not promote any activities that exploit humans or animals
  5. Use local and sustainable tourism businesses where possible
  6. Provide safe and fun trips
  7. Give our travellers the best possible value
  8. Educate our travellers about responsible tourism
  9. Give back through NGO partnerships
  10. Actively reduce our carbon emissions where possible