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Welcome to Airguides! Discover self drive trips created by the world’s best storytellers. We take out all the hassle of planning and booking your dream holiday. In partnership with trusted photographers, filmmakers and local adventurers, we created the perfect trip package for you - your choice of accommodation, lesser-known destinations, incredible experiences, transportation to get you from A to B and a travel guide from the storyteller, filled with best kept secrets and local tips. We'll sort out all the details so you can focus on the fun stuff. Go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Trusted Storytellers

Discover destinations through the eyes of the world’s best storytellers. Follow in the footsteps of trusted photographers, filmmakers and local adventurers with our unique trip packages.

No more travel stress or disappointing holidays. We guarantee an adventure of a lifetime!
How it works - Trusted Storytellers

Customise your Trip

Customised to your needs, our team will work closely with you to realise your dream holiday.

Need more flexibility, different budget options or change the length of the trip? Talk to our team and we will make it happen.
How it works - Customise your Trip

Book it

Sit back and relax! We take care of all your holiday planning and bookings:

► Your choice of accommodation
► Transportation to get you around
► Airport transfers
► Incredible experiences
► Online support from the Airguides team
► A travel guide from the storyteller
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Follow in the Footsteps

To help you find the best places on the way, the storyteller of your choice has crafted a unique travel guide for you. Filled with hidden gems and local tips, we've made sure you don't miss out on anything.

Guiding you to secret photography locations, spectacular hikes, local hotspots, beautiful beaches and mouthwatering food establishments, you can experience the best each destination has to offer.
How it works - Follow in the Footsteps