How it works

We're a unique tour operator, based in Australia and New Zealand. In partnership with the best photographers, filmmakers and chefs, we offer adventurous trips that let you experience destinations like never before. Listening closely to your wishes, we personalise each trip and take care of your planning and bookings - incredible accommodation, lesser known experiences and reliable transport. It's our mission to make your dream trip happen.

Airguides trips focus on responsible tourism. That's why we work together with locally owned and operated travel companies.

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Trusted Storytellers

We've teamed up with the most inspiring photographers, filmmakers and chefs to create unique trips for you.

The trips are 100% authentic. The storytellers recommend their favourite local places.
How it works - Trusted Storytellers

Customise your Trip

Choose a trip and we turn it into your dream holiday.

Going on your honeymoon or travelling with kids? Whatever your trip requirements or wishes, our team will make it happen.
How it works - Customise your Trip

Book it

Sit back and relax! Airguides takes care of all your trip planning and bookings.

To ensure your trip goes smoothly, our online support team is here to help.
How it works - Book a trip

Follow in the Footsteps

A travel guide from the storyteller will lead you to the places you shouldn't miss along the way.

Filled with hikes, restaurants, markets, secret photography locations and other local gems, this is your helpful guide to discover new destinations.
How it works - Follow in the Footsteps