How it works

Together with the greatest photographers, filmmakers and chefs, we create unique trips that you can do with friends, family or solo. Each trip lets you experience destinations like never before. Airguides personalises each trip and takes care of all your planning and bookings, including accommodation, experiences, transport and daily travel plans from the storyteller. Our mission is to make your dream holiday happen.

Airguides partners with incredible storytellers in Oceania to create unique trip packages that you can book. We personalise each trip and turn it into your dream holiday. Looking for your next adventure? Chat to our team today.

Trusted Storytellers

We search the world for the most inspiring storytellers. Ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of a photographer, filmmakers or chef?

Airguides trips let you do exactly that. Our trips are created by storytellers, passionate about sharing their favourite local places with you.
How it works - Trusted Storytellers

Customise your Trip

Pick a trip and we turn it into your dream holiday.

Going on your honeymoon, travelling with kids or flying solo? Whatever your trip wishes, we will make it happen.
How it works - Customise your Trip

Book it

Travel stress, what's that? Airguides takes care of all your holiday planning and bookings.

Our team is here to support you all the way, before, during and after your trip.
How it works - Book a trip

Follow in the Footsteps

The most memorable experiences are often the ones you stumble across along the way. That's why our storytellers have collected their favourite local places and made you a travel guide.

Spectacular hikes, mouthwatering food, secret photography locations, hidden waterfalls, quirky markets and other places you shouldn't miss.
How it works - Follow in the Footsteps