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Welcome to Airguides! Discover trips created by the world’s best photographers, filmmakers and local adventurers. We believe that travel planning should be fun. That is why we invited the most inspiring storytellers over to help. Pick your favourite trip and we take care of all your planning and bookings. Ready for your next adventure?

Trusted Storytellers

Discover lesser-known destinations through the eyes of passionate storytellers and follow in the footsteps of your favourite photographers, filmmakers and local adventurers.
How it works - Trusted Storytellers

Customise your Trip

Customised to your needs, the Airguides team will work closely with you to tailor-make the trip of your dreams.
How it works - Customise your Trip

Book it

Airguides takes care of all your planning and bookings, including:

► Accommodation or campervan hire
► Ground transportation
► Airport transfers
► Activities

p.s. We only work with trusted and local tourism partners to make sure you get the best possible experience!
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Follow in the Footsteps

An exclusive guide from the storyteller, filled with local tips and recommendations, will be your trusted resource during your trip.
How it works - Follow in the Footsteps