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How to do the Ultimate New Zealand Campervan Trip

Paul Rowsthorn, Airguides

14 October 2019

There is only one way to really experience the freedom of New Zealand and that’s cruising behind the wheel of your own campervan.

The popularity of campervan trips continues to increase and has left travellers spoilt for options. Travellers can pick from the most basic option for a solo traveller, right up to campervans that will rival many inner-city apartments. With so many travellers choosing campervans, the New Zealand government has brought in some rules to protect the environment from waste and rubbish that you need to be aware of.

In New Zealand, you can freedom camp on DOC (Department of Conservation) and local council land. However, it’s very important that your campervan is self-contained. While the freedom campsites are amazing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on some incredible holiday parks especially at locations such as Milford Sound. One super handy app that we highly recommend is Campermate so you can easily find everything you need while on the road.

The next important considerations when planning your trip is your personal safety and ensuring you minimise your impact on communities and the environment. New Zealand has some incredible volcanic landscapes, and with that comes dangerous roads and variable weather conditions. When you’re planning your routes, it’s important you always leave plenty of time. We also encourage you to read the Tiaki Promise and what it means to care for New Zealand while you’re on your holiday.

South Island – New Zealand

Photograph by Airguides

With that said, now comes the fun part! Planning your holiday. Luckily we’ve spent months working with some of the most incredible photographers, filmmakers and adventurous to create bookable itineraries in both the South and North Islands. 

You can now follow Meghan Maloney’s recommended itinerary to the South Island or the North Island including all of her favourite places to take photos, best hikes and cafes and wineries.

Meghan is an internationally famous photographer who spends her life exploring New Zealand and knows where the lesser-known locations are. Best of all, most of the activities are free. While everyone else stands in a queue waiting to get a photo of Roys Peak, you’ll be standing on the equally impressive Iron Peak by yourself with a smirk on your face.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road” – Jack Kerouac

It’s recommended to do either of Meghan’s trips in 21 days, but if you to make it longer or shorter, we can customise it for you.

If the thought of sitting on a tour bus isn’t your idea of a perfect holiday, and the freedom of a campervan sounds more like your style, let the Airguides team help plan your New Zealand dream holiday. We’ll take care of all your bookings and support you on your holiday, while we guarantee you’ll get access to the best recommendations from Meghan, or another one of our passionate storytellers.

Arthur’s Pass – South Island

Photograph by Airguides

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