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A Conversation With Meghan Maloney

Hear the story behind Airguides storyteller, Meghan Maloney as she shares her passion photography, love for New Zealand and appetite to inspire.

Unearthing Australia’s National Treasure: Kalbarri National Park

Ever imagined an epic road trip along the West Coast that stops at one of Australia’s National Treasures? This ultimate guide to exploring the Kalbarri National Park is the perfect escape.

Discover Australia’s Aboriginal Experiences

Australia is home to the oldest living culture on earth. Immerse yourself in the art, dance, history, spirituality and journeys of Aboriginal Australia. This is your chance to experience the world’s oldest living culture for yourself.

The Best Glamping Retreats in New Zealand

What do you get if you mix a remote camping experience, with luxury that rivals a night in a lodge? Well the answer is Glamping, and with options popping up all over New Zealand we’ve put together a list of our favourites.

New Zealand’s Cheese Trail

New Zealand’s Cheese Trail

Does cheese tickle your taste buds? Then you deserve to know that New Zealand is a paradise for cheese lovers. Presenting New Zealand’s Cheese Trail, covering the country’s most gooey, crumbly, creamy, melted, stinky and deliciously cheesy experiences!

Welcome to Airguides!

Welcome to Airguides!

The story of Airguides begins in a remote jungle in Borneo. While trekking hoping to see orangutans in the wild, we came upon a bat cave and stumbled across a creature rarely seen by tourists… Sir David Attenborough, the world’s greatest natural historian recording his latest documentary!