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COVID-19: An update from Airguides

Our team is following the latest developments around the COVID-19 outbreak closely. It’s a concerning time for everyone, including the tourism industry here in Australia and New Zealand. As of this week, there are entry restrictions in both Australia and New Zealand to prevent further spread of the outbreak. We have collected the latest information.

Travel around New Zealand in a campervan

A self drive trip in a campervan doesn’t come without its challenges, but is by far the best way to experience New Zealand! The benefit of having your own home on the road is that it gives you the freedom to set up camp in the most mind blowing locations you can imagine.

New Zealand and The Lord of the Rings, a Match Made in Middle-earth

From the volcanic landscapes in the South to the lush rolling hills in the North, it’s not hard to imagine why Sir Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as Middle‑earth™. It also doesn’t hurt he’s a proud Kiwi himself.

New Zealand’s Cheese Trail

Does cheese tickle your taste buds? Then you deserve to know that New Zealand is a paradise for cheese lovers. Presenting New Zealand’s Cheese Trail, covering the country’s most gooey, crumbly, creamy, melted, stinky and deliciously cheesy experiences!

Welcome to Airguides!

Welcome to Airguides!

The story of Airguides begins in a remote jungle in Borneo. While trekking hoping to see orangutans in the wild, we came upon a bat cave and stumbled across a creature rarely seen by tourists… Sir David Attenborough, the world’s greatest natural historian recording his latest documentary!