About us

The story of Airguides began six years ago in a jungle in Borneo. On a trekking expedition, the founders looked for orangutans when they found a bat cave and stumbled upon a creature rarely seen by tourists… Sir David Attenborough, the world’s greatest natural historian recording his latest documentary.

After meeting one of their travel heroes, Bibi and Paul wondered. What if your travel heroes could plan a trip JUST for you? What if you could follow in their footsteps and discover their favourite destinations? That has become the Airguides mission ever since.

Meet our Storytellers

We searched the world for the most inspiring and passionate storytellers who shared with us their greatest adventures and best kept secrets.

This is what they told us.
Meghan Maloney
Photographer - New Zealand
Kyle Mulinder
Photographer - New Zealand
Shaun Jeffers
Photographer - New Zealand

Meet the Founders

The Airguides mission is to bring more adventure into people’s lives. Nothing makes us happier than helping people to travel further than they ever dreamed possible.
- Paul, Bibi (founders)
Co-founder - Paul Rowsthorn

Paul Rowsthorn

An avid traveller who visited more than 40+ countries and has 10 years of experience in product management and IT infrastructures. Paul’s mission is to help people travel out of their comfort zones and empower them to go on adventures. Previously, he went on a solo motorbike trip through Southeast Asia, founded a mobile gaming app and mentored high-school students to create tech startups.
Co-founder - Bibi Jellema

Bibi Jellema

Before Airguides, Bibi volunteered in Cambodia and worked in business operations in Melbourne. Bibi hails from the Netherlands and moved to Australia when she was 23. She also lived in Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. Her experience as a solo traveller and discovering new cultures changed her life and sparked the passion for Airguides. Other than bringing more adventure into people's lives, Bibi is passionate about responsible travel and finding ways to make travel better for everyone involved.